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Addy originally hailes from Kenya and holds a B.Sc in Math and Physics. Although proficient with numbers Addy quickly discovered that his true passion was in the culinary realm. 

He is classically trained in Ireland and gained significant experience as an executive chef for the Lynch Group of Hotels. During this period he honed his culinary skills specializing in a range of cuisine including; Irish, steaks, pies, Chinese, Italian, Pizza and Spanish Tapas.

After working for the Lynch Group, he moved from Ireland to England and worked as a relief chef. As a relief chef, he was in charge of overseeing a team of chefs specializing in large scale events at stadiums like the Aston Villa, catering tents at the Windsor horse races and also serving Manchester United. During this period, Addy met his wife and they decided to move to America. 

Moving to the states and starting a business proved challenging. Regulations and barriers made it difficult to not only start but to maintain a business.


Through Trial and Tribulation Addy weathered the hardships and built a thriving BBQ Joint.